Boone Golf Club | Boone Golf Club F.A.Q.
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Boone Golf Club F.A.Q.

How far in advance can I reserve my tee time?

• 7 days in advance and require a valid credit card to hold the reservation.

• Online tee time reservations are limited to 8 players or less.  Tee time reservations with 9 players or more must contact the golf shop staff.


What time should I arrive at golf course for my tee time?

No less than 30 minutes PRIOR to your scheduled tee time.


Do you have rental sets?

Yes, we have both men’s and ladies’ sets.

Men’s sets: right handed and left handed

Ladies’ sets: right handed only

$20.00 for 18 holes. $10.00 for 9 holes


What does “double tee” mean?

A “double tee” means the golf course starts groups on both the 1st tee and the 10th tee at the same time.  The course is then closed for 2 hours and 20 minutes for the groups to cross over from front side to back side and vice versa. When double teeing, the golf course will prohibit play during the times between 10:00am-12:00 and then again at 2:00pm-4:30 in order for the morning and afternoon groups to make the turn.

Example: If Group A tees off on the 1st tee at 8:00am and Group B tees off on the 10th tee at the same time, both groups should be turning to the other side about 10:00am (Group A now teeing off 10, Group B now teeing off 1), thus, no tee times or permitted at 10:00am and after until the afternoon.


Do you have a practice range?

Yes, we have a practice range, practice green and chipping area. To learn more, see our Amenities page.


What is your raincheck policy?

9 holes or less = 18hole raincheck

10 holes – 18 holes = 9 hole raincheck

Rainchecks have no expiration date



Do you have a lightening detection system?

Yes, we are equipped with a lightning detection system that will sound when it detects lightning within a 5 mile radius of the golf course. The siren is ONLY a WARNING and does NOT require you to leave the course, but we ask you seek proper shelter for your safety.

For more information and tee times contact The Boone Golf Club

828-264-8760 or email: